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Near tears

how do you fix a snag in a sweater in progress???

New Yarn

Today I got my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn in Celery.  This is the first time I have knit with this yarn and so far its really great.  The only problem I found was on the very first skein, a knot.  Damn I hate those damn knots.  This one was a very small one just one strand of the yarn.  But you know, for the price a person pays for the wonderful yarn you would think it would be knot free...grrrrrr.  Anyway I am making a bunting out of the Debbie Bliss book Special Knits.  My nephew and his wife are expecting a little girl names Mia at the end of October.  Michigan winters are nasty no matter if you are in the U.P. or the lower....I am hoping they and Mia will enjoy this project.   

Writer's Block: On Character Preferences

Who is your favorite fictional character? Why do you love them? What fictional character bugs you?
 I must say my favorite fictional character is Harry Potter.  The character that bugs me is Frank Burns. 

7 weeks...really???!!!!

You know its hard to believe its been 7 weeks since I last posted..but now that I think about it I did spend 5 weeks at the lake and then have been working since I've been home...and by working I dont mean just at the post office, I have been babysitting the grandbabies and getting my house back in order.  The hubby, no matter how much he says hes not a pig, is really a messy guy.  He leaves dishes in the sink soaking and says he did them.  I dont really understand this because he is usually the one who complains when I do that.  I am by far not the most fussy housekeeper but this place is really out of control. And to top this all off now I have a major ant problem.  I have seen others mention ant problems this summer...is there something going on that I dont know about??? These are the little sugar ants.  I have put out my tarro traps and hope that takes care of them.  The grandbabies love watching them.  So I guess instead of blogging about the condition of the house I should just suck it up and get to it.......until later...

Monday went well....almost

Well, Monday with Zoe went well...we started off with a game or two in the house then moved to the deck.  I have a gate on the steps so the girls don't leave without me knowing it and I leave the patio door open and the two dogs and the girls can go in and out.  After having stepped in the house for a few mins. I returned to the deck and Zoe said..."gramma Nancy, I watered your plant..." I'm thinking with what...you didint have any water out here...It was with a large bottle 64 oz. of bubbles...so on the phone to my garden guru Diane...will bubbles kill my hydranga???  Oh Yeah!!!  so I grabbed the hose and started flushing the plant...not working using too much water...so I took the plant out of the pot and submerged it in a bucket of water and kept doing that until the bubble quit...Its been 3 days and its still in the water and doing fine...today I am going to plant it ...but I just dont know where...

Writer's Block: For the Day Off...

If you've got Monday off, how are you spending it, and with whom?
 I do have today off and I am going to spend it with Zoe.  She is my 3 yr. old granddaughter and we are going for a bike ride and play in the yard.  Its supposed to be in the high 60s here so outside is where she'll want to be. 

Chilly and noisy Sunday morning...

Imagine peacefully sleeping all cozy under the homemade quilt from my sister, a nice cool breeze coming in the window(52 degrees outside) and all of a sudden sirens and large trucks and car flying down my street...geez ok ok I'm up already....We still dont know where they were heading but there was a lot of them going there.  
I'm working on my golf club cover.  The yarn I purchased for this project is kind of annoying.  It has knots tied in it several times.  So its untie or cut out the knots and do a russian join.  I don't think I'll be using this yarn again.  I don't mind a knot or two but several in a skein is crazy.  Anyway its black with a self fare isle yarn in pinks and purples.  I am heading to Myrtle Beach this fall for golf with my sister and brother in law and thought this would make a nice gift.  The one for my brother in law is done in blues and greens.  
Well it looks like rain off and on here today.  I did hear some thunder early early this morning...I love it ...and that was before the sirens.
The kids will be coming for dinner today...chicken on the grill I think...yummo... 

Off to work and other things...

I work at our post office as a part time clerk and I work Saturday mornings and Monday mornings.  So I am off to work today and then my daughter and granddaughter and I  are off to Rhinelander so we can visit a camping store for supplies for the upcoming camping season.  
This summer I am planning a stay at the local campground.  We have a lake in our town and there is an awesome campground.  I will be staying there thru the 6th of July.  This will be a first for me.  I have never stayed there thru the 4th of July.  The town does their fireworks display from the lake.  Its pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.  Cars line up all the way around the lake.  Kids light sparklers and older kids do small firework displays.  Getting home afterwords is always difficult and time consuming.  We have two main highways meeting in our town so along with all the traffic from the fireworks we also have travelers and truckers to be concerned with.   

Its going to be in the 70s here today.  I am truly not looking forward to putting on my first pair of shorts for the summer.  These legs are so white they would give milk a run for the money... :)   I guess I wll just suck it up and go for it.  I'm sure I won't be the only one.   

Writer's Block: embarrassing memory

What's your most embarrassing memory?
I have always been worried about getting to the checkout at the grocery store and not having enough money to pay.  One saturday I put my money in my pocket and started off to the store.  I got a few blocks from home and noticed that there was a stain on my pants.  I turned around and went home to change.  Headed back to the store.  Shopped for the items on my list and got to the checkout and OMG I left my money in my other pants.  Lucky for me we live in a small town and they let me sign my receipt and take my groceries home.  I returned in an hour and paid the bill.  Then I noticed that I didnt die of embarrassement and no one laughed at me or even took notice.  Since then I have overcome many fears...thankfully not by experiencing them but just by knowing that I wont die if they happen.

only two friends

 Only two friends....hummm...Its not like I'm not trying to make friends...but its a slow process...I'm working on it....